LMT Lab Day Chicago Review

The Monday after the LMT Lab Day Chicago 2011 trade show and the energy is still buzzing through the group. But how did the show actually fair up? Is there room where LMT or the hotel could improve?

Chicago from the Hotel
To accurately assess this event I have divided them into sections of asssessment:

Trade show floor: For the visitors to the trade show there was a completely different feel to the Mid-Winter Day 2011. New full length banners and branded show bags greeted the visitors at the entrances setting the scene for what was in store. The busy trade room bustled with a steady constant flow of dental lab owners, technicians, suppliers and consultants. When exhibitors attracted a large amount of people the isles did get congested but never to a point where a person couldn’t navigate to any part of the trade show floor. It was exceptionally cold where we were set up and our exhibitors did have difficulties with the chilly conditions. Garage doors provided access for movers but the external doors beyond were also open so it was the equivalent of standing out on the street.

Setup and provision of services: The setup was given ample time and all the ability and services of the hotel staff were made available to us. The delivery of services like an internet connection and power were slow and rushed. Allocation of the movers and set up could have started earlier but everyone was helpful and efficient. An LMT setup pack was ready and waiting for us when we got in to set up and that was really useful to get our ID’s and relevant info.

Pack up: Was crazy! 5 o clock hit and movers stormed the room to lay plastic and start removing all the structures and furniture from the trade room floor. I would give a 15 – 30 minute window for the exhibitors to get out of the way before calling in the movers. At the end of such a long day it was a annoying to be rushed to pack up and get out. Again all the movers were efficient and helpful.

The hotel: No issues with the rooms or hotel staff. There were great social events in the foyer and lobby bar. Peter Pizzi from Pizzi Dental Lab held a social event that, in my opinion was a great success. Every night there seemed to be something going on and I really enjoyed the whole feel of the hotel.

Price: I think the prices over all were high, the rooms, the booth but particularly the price for the internet access. For one tech to come over plug a cable into the wall and then turn the port on, $1000.00 (and no that isn’t a typing mistake) is in excess of a year of internet access for only a day and a half of use. Granted the access is well… not that difficult and the man hours are well… minimal and cost to set up the network is…. 0! I think this is the largest deterring factor for our company. I think this cost is generated by the hotel and not a fault of the organizers. A sandwich was the provided lunch, we were only provided one ticket for 4 people and sandwiches that were for sale were $40.00 each. Again, this is maybe the result of a monopoly environment, but the prices are geared towards not doing the work and making the sale rather than trying to provide a complimentary product to increase revenue. I think the excessive cost of food to the exhibitors is reducing the number of sales and actually costing who ever is meant to be benefiting from the profit.

Overall: The overall trade show was a great success, we delivered our presentation in person to more business than ever! Everyone at the trade show was enthusiastic and polite and our team fed off that enthusiasm to deliver great presentations. We have experienced exceptional interest over the last 6 months but nothing compared to the level of interest at this trade show. No want was left unattended and everything was available to us.

Again, a great event and we will definitely be attending next year! Here is a photo of the team in action demonstrating Evident.

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